Jenn Wooten

“Erin has such an intuitive presence with her camera. You know that she’s there, yet somehow she manages to capture the ephemerality of a moment that feels unscripted and unseen. Her images are life lived in real time merged with the quality of timelessness.”

Leslie Baucum

“Our whole experience with Erin was amazing from start to finish. She had a wonderful and patient way of talking with the boys to help them feel comfortable. They let their guards down around her, which enabled Erin to truly capture their unique personalities. The pictures we selected are works of art that will be in our home forever. Her ability to capture simple moments in such an artistic way is truly impressive.”

Erin Levy

“Erin Kane has taken photographs of our girls several times and they are always amazing. Prior to the session she helps us to find the perfect clothes and props for the girls to set the most idealistic scene that tells a story about who they are and what they love. Within that scene she captures their true personalities. There is no sitting still for hours or saying “cheese” during Erin’s photo shoots. Our girls interact in their setting and with each other. Erin captures these perfect, effortless moments of time. Each photograph is a true work of art.”

Ali Farnell

“We met at the Zilker Botanical Gardens, where Erin created and maintained a relaxed environment for my children and myself, which I consider a super power. We had a lot of laughs and in the end Erin found the beauty in me that I thought was gone. Celebrating my third pregnancy by doing this photo shoot will always be treasured. The pictures are so beautiful. I would highly recommend Erin!”